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Demonrift TD

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Demonrift TD

Defend the kingdom of Emaeron from demonic surge all over the country!Try this unique mix between Tower Defense and unique turn base strategy game.King Imkael has fallen. The beloved king was killed in a gruesome battle, defending the last free city in the kingdom of Emaeron. Nothing could foresee this hellish invasion.In Demonrift TD you are taking the role as Baroness Milena, commanding last stand of empire troops against the mysterious surge of demon armies throughout the empire vast cities.Upgrade your troops, build and upgrade defended cities to help the empire army wages war against the demons, and start defending the kingdom now! Use the mouse to navigate, or optionally you can use keyboard to scroll the map in any direction when available. updates - Resource rewards for higher difficulty is now tweaked to higher value - Fix a problem with calling kongregate APIwhen its not initialized - Added new feature to demolish building in the world map - Highscores is now online - Command point timing optimization & bug fixes - Added The Great Library (use it to view all unit info) - Spelling & grammar corrections, thanks to maxmanrules & sobeydee! - Nerfed TOR attack rate, increases a little bit of knight attack rate - Fixed a problem with attack logic being tied to Framerate, causing x2 & x4 speed become more difficult - Added walkthrough button in the main menu - Tweaked & reduced difficulty for stage 3 - Fixed a probability bug of a town getting attacked at end turns - Updated archers to prioritize flying units - Tweaked building cost growth - Tweaked diminishing reward for replaying a map


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